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Troy Security Printers with MICR Capability

Troy MICR 4300
Security Printer

Troy MICR 1300 Security Printer

PDF Brochure: Troy MICR 4200 Security PrintersA mid-level production MICR printer offering a fast 45 page per minute print speed.


Choose from three different models  - offering security features that fit your business requirements.


Fast Printing - a fast 45 page per minute HP 4300 laser printer available with additional security features to prevent unauthorized use. 


Low Cost of OwnershipToner/drum cartridge prints 19,500 letter size pages at 5% coverage.


New & Improved - offering a faster print speed and increased duty cycle over the previous model at the same low price.


Versatile - All TROY printers are fully compatible with TROY MICR cartridges and standard HP toner cartridges.  Swap the toner cartridge for ordinary office printing!



TROY MICR Toner Cartridge:
(P/N 02-81119-001 )


For maximum reliability and low operating cost, use only TROY MICR toner cartridges!



Troy develops MICR toner specifically for each printer according to international banking standards set for MICR laser check printing.


Troy manufactures MICR toner and fills only new HP toner cartridges - Troy MICR toner cartridges are not recycled or used!


MICR toner manufacturing and toner cartridge filling takes place in a single location where quality is tightly monitored and controlled.


Troy provides a Check Performance Guarantee with each MICR printer and toner cartridge.


Using a TROY MICR toner cartridge will not void a manufacturer’s warranty.


Unique TROY security features:



Paper Tray Locks and Printer Key Locks
If blank checks are left unattended in a workgroup printer there is a clearly a security risk. TROY offers MICR activation key locks and paper tray locks to prevent unauthorized use of the printer and deter theft of check stock.
Standard on TROY MICR 4300 Secure Ex. Tray locks optional on other MICR 4300 printers.


TROYmark™ Anti-tampering Technology
Printed diagonally across the face of each check, TROYmark™ is a faint, repeating "watermark" of key check data captured from the print stream. By repeating the payee name and amount across the entire face of the check, TROYmark™ makes it virtually impossible for a thief to undetectably alter a payee name or check amount.
Standard on TROY MICR 4300 Secure Ex.


ExPT™ Exact Positioning Technology
The MICR line must be positioned precisely on every check in order to meet bank specifications and avoid costly fees for rejected checks. While check printing software usually allows for MICR line adjustment, ExPT precisely adjusts the MICR line on the printer, rather than in the software. This is particularly useful when minor print variations exist among several printers used with the same software.
Available on all TROY MICR 4300 series printers.


Built-in Secure Encryption and Decryption
Working in conjunction with the Troy Port Monitor, print data can be encrypted and securely sent to remote printers. Decryption occurs only when the encrypted data is received by the TROY printer. This feature is is vital for any distributed printing application.
Available on TROY MICR 4300 Secure and Secure Ex printers.

Troy MICR 4300 Security Printer Specifications

4300 Secure Ex

4300 Secure

4300 MICR

See Brochure for Versions and Pricing 

Most Security

More Security

MICR Printing

TROY ExPT™ — Exact Positioning Technology

MICR Toner Sensing

Disable Jam Recovery

Auto Set MICR Density

MICR Toner Low Notification

Flash Memory for Storing Digital Signatures and Logos

MICR Fonts E13-B, CMC-7, OCR A and B, Convenience Fonts, and Security Fonts

User Customizable MicroPrint Font

Datastream Paper Tray Locks and Mapping

Auto Page Rotation


MICR Menu Administrator Password

MICR Quality Test Page

Uses both TROY MICR & HP Standard Toner Cartridges


Three PIN-activated Controls: Printer, MICR, Job

MICR Line and Check Audit Trail Reporting

Datastream Encryption and Decryption

Auto Disable MICR Mode

Password Protected Signatures and Logos

3-Position Keylock Printing Control

TROYmark™ Intelligent Anti-Tampering Technology

Paper Tray Security Locks



Auto-Protect Font


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