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Get it back with StuffBak® Return Service Labels!

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are also available to qualified buyers.
is available on most equipment and software.


A bonus for customers and a boost for your brand...


StuffBAK with Company Branding
will work for you!

Of the many features you're considering to enhance your product or service, how many are as practical and tangible as this?

StuffBak is a system for identifying and returning lost property.
StuffBak's system works by combining the advantages of the world wide web and high-tech communication with the simplicity of permanent ID labels which attach to portable items that could get lost: cell phones, PDAs, cameras, etc. 

Return service labels imprinted with your company logo are easily applied to portables and activated via StuffBak's web site or toll-free number. If an item is lost, the label shows the finder how to return it easily and earn a reward.  Apart from buying the labels a customer pays nothing until a lost item is found.


Quality adhesive labels, aluminum, and sew-in tags have a universal appeal and can be bundled with or incorporated into everything from warranty and insurance plans, high-tech products such as cell phones, laptops, PDAs to back-to-school backpacks.

Stuffbak: Clear message, toll-foree number, virtually indestructible, unique return ID

Why Your Customers Will Love StuffBak:

  • Effective: Finders are motivated by rewards and a convenient return process.
  • Easy: Owners just apply and register labels. After that, protection is automatic.
  • Affordable: Apart from low-priced labels, owners pay only shipping and a low service fee when items are returned.
  • Professional: Complete, private, high quality

Stuffbak Lost & Found Labels


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Selected Label Packs

Cell Phone Pack
Surveys show that people DO return lost cell phones. These labels make it even easier for them. Pack includes two phone labels, plus a bonus key tag.
 Laptop Pack
Losing your laptop would be a nightmare! This great pack contains 2 aluminum tags for case protection, and an adhesive label that fits any laptop.
PDA Pack
Losing a PDA is bad, reprogramming it is worse! This pack of 2 adhesive labels and a key tag is tailored for PDAs and the cases that carry them.
Key Pack
Keys are a huge hassle to replace. One tough little tag protects them anonymously. Plus, a bonus label for your expensive sunglasses.
Portable Electronics Pack
The preferred pack for our coolest customers. Nine labels and tags cover walkmans, headphones, pagers, cell phones and other stuff you leave behind.
Luggage Pack
Even jaded travelers recognize StuffBak's tags as a better mousetrap. Four ultra-tough aluminum tags identify missing bags, while protecting privacy. A cell phone label is a thoughtful bonus.