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Automatically separate and trim continuous business forms

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are also available to qualified buyers.
is available on most equipment and software.


Accelerate your business form processing and mailing...


Bursters separate business forms at the perforations.

Bursters also cut the tractor-feed edges off of computer form paper and checks. We carry high-quality Formax bursters:

Ameraseal™ Table Top Burster Model AS500

FD 500 Table Top Burster

The FD 500 heavy duty Table Top Burster is a machine to meet almost any forms handling requirement. The FD 500 with side trimmers operates at 90 feet per minute and can separate one to six part forms.

Formax FD 550 Continuous Feed Burster

PDF Brochure: Ameraseal™ 540 Series BurstersFormax FD 550 - Continuous Feed Bursters

This low- volume burster series offers industrial quality at an economical price. Virtually all of the standard features offered in the higher end models are available to any need or application.

Formax FD 566 Continuous Feed Burster

PDF Brochure: Ameraseal™ AS 560 and AS 660 Series BurstersFormax FD 566- Continuous Feed Burster

At speeds up to 350 ft. per minute, this medium volume industrial series can process multiple part forms with ease.

Formax FD 680 Continuous Feed Burster

PDF Brochure: Ameraseal™ AS 670 Series BurstersFormax FD 680 - Continuous Feed Bursters

This high volume industrial burster is designed to process large bursting jobs at speeds up to 500 feet per minute while slitting, separating and stacking the forms. As with all of the industrial bursters, a conveyor unit is standard. A power drop-stacker can be added to enhance productivity.

Formax bursters are serviced by
a nationwide network of trained professionals
and come with a 90 day warranty.

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Also Available


Cut Sheet Burster


Ameraseal™ AS 415 Cut Sheet Burster

 PDF Brochure: Ameraseal™ AS 415 Cut Sheet BurstersThe Formax FD 415 Cut Sheet Burster is the ideal finishing solution when multiple forms are printed per page. Direct from a laser printer to the FD 415, pre-perforated forms are automatically burst at perforation and stacked sequentially at speeds of up to 140 sheets per minute. No more cut sheet bursting by hand! 

Cut Sheet Cutter


Ameraseal™ AS572 Cut Sheet Cutter

 PDF Brochure: Ameraseal™ AS 572 Cut Sheet CuttersThe Formax FD 572 Cut Sheet Cutter is designed to process up to 50 cut sheet forms per minute, from non-impact or laser printers. The FD 572 will automatically feed the forms and cut, slit, or perforate in the desired position. This machine is ideal for use with checks, coupons, tickets, membership cards, notices and labels. 

& Check Signer
is available on certain models - call for details!