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Outsource printing and mailing to improve service and efficiency...


Printing and Mailing Service:American is an authorized BestBill reseller

American offers outsourced printing and mailing of invoices, statements, collection letters, surveys, marketing materials as well as other diverse types of business communication. Printing and mailing statements is time consuming, repetitive and expensive. Save valuable time and money by outsourcing to American!


Eliminate labor costs to print, fold and insert.


Reduce expenses for forms, envelopes and equipment.


Achieve lower cost per per mail piece.


Free up labor to focus customer service.


Promote services with messages or inserts.

Redesign your statement or invoice to read more clearlyWe'll improve readability of your invoices and statements:

Flexibly reformat your current output to produce invoices and statements that are easier to read and understand. Clearly designed, concise formats will reduce billing inquiries, improve cash flow and decrease accounts receivable days. Our reformatted presentation will deliver your financial information more clearly and reduce customer frustration, complaints and phone calls!

Leverage the Web with Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment:

Our web-based services are a natural extension of the printing and mailing service. These services allow your customers to leverage the power of the Internet and gain a competitive customer service and cash advantage. Our web-based services provide flexible bill presentment options that allow for a convenient payment method.

Store electronic statement and billing information permanently on CD-ROM:

Printed and mailed documents or expired online documents are transferred to CD-ROM, significantly reducing both physical and electronic storage space. Documents stored on CD-ROM are fully searchable and accessible. Whether you want to protect and save your data or reference it, CD-ROM Archive is the solution.

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Outsource Your Invoice and Statement Printing!


You send only your data to us. We can receive your data 24 hours a day. Once we have received your print file, we process the information and print, insert and mail your job by the next business day! We then send you a confirmation of the completed process. 


Personalize Your Communication with Customers...

Converted statements and invoices can include color to enhance important information and highlight client responsibilities. Standard dunning messages can be replaced with personalized letters to increase customer satisfaction.