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Product Information

Formax 6900 Series


Formax 690 Series Folder/Inserters

Shown with optional furniture

Up to four feed stations are capable of reaching speeds up to 4,300/hour and handling up to 120,000 inserts per month.

The 6900 Series Folder/Inserters is the most powerful and versatile tabletop system available. The 6900 Series offers the versatility of processing a wide range of envelope sizes from a standard #10 to a flat 9” x 12”. AutoMix models take this flexibility to the next level by allowing different sized envelopes to be used on the fly during operation.

The 6900 Series utilizes a user-friendly, central control system with automatic settings for one touch setup of up to 9 different jobs. With the 6900 Series, you don’t have to worry about page lengths, envelope sizes or complex jobs. Whether you are mailing one-page invoices, 50 page statements, or anything in between, the 6900 offers the functionality to get the job done.

The Formax 6900 Series is available in Basic, OMR and AutoMix models with either 1, 2, 3 or 4 feed stations:

FD 6900-Basic Models (1 to 4 feed stations) Feeds, folds and inserts with all FD 6900 Series Standard Features.

FD 6900-OMR Models (1 to 4 feed stations) Adds Dual Track OMR to the FD Basic Series.

FD 6900-AutoMix™  Models (1 to 4 feed stations) Adds AutoMix with OMR to the FD 6900-Basic to offer the ultimate flexibility for inserting different size envelopes on the fly .

Formax 6900 Series
Standard Features:


Modular design with up to 4 fully automatic stations


Ability to process various envelope sizes including flats


AutoMix™ -Processes different envelope sizes on the fly in FD6900-Auto Mix models


Dual track OMR system for FD6900 OMR & FD6900 - AutoMix™ models


Diverter–Sensors redirect double documents and incomplete sets to one of its two side divert bins without interruption in FD6900-OMR and FD6900 - AutoMix™


Fully automatic adjustments for up to nine programmed jobs


Five adjustable insert fingers are utilized for envelope versatility


Capable off folding up to 8 sheets


Two Double Document Detection systems utilizing thickness detection technology at the feeder and point
of insertion


Conveyor - neatly stack inserted documents


Seal and non-seal capabilities


Counters - One resettable for addition and batch counting and one non-resettable


Fold Types–C,V,Z and Double Parallel


Inserts up to 50 sheets (nofold) of 20# paper or 1/5” thickness into a flat envelope



Ability to insert rigid non-foldable material such as catalogues into flat envelopes up to 10.5” W x 13.5” H


Fold and/or insert sheets, business reply envelopes and cards automatically


Multi-feeding–Allows for a set number of pieces to be pulled from one feeder, then collated and inserted automatically





Flex OMR


Electronic sorting system


Second conveyor-use with sorting system


Catch tray-use with sorting system


Auto thickness and multi-sheet feeder


Thin booklet feeder


OMR station, transports and feeders for future upgrades


FD 400 Jogger


Only the Formax 6900 Series gives you choices in processing your mailings either today or in the future as your needs change. The ability to process your one, two or three page statements in a standard #10 envelopes and the ability to process up to 50 page sets, thin booklets or any marketing collateral which should not be folded to produce a professional look is important to every business. The optional electronic sorting system sorts inserted envelopes into different stacks based on OMR, envelope, size, thickness batch count or seal / non-seal for easier handling and preparation of mixed mail.


The 6900 Series is the best choice for medium and high-volume organizations with a wide array of mailing needs. AutoMix technology offers the ability to switch envelope sizes on the fly based on the number of inserts. For example, when processing invoices with a varying number of inserts, a four page invoice would be folded and inserted into a #10 envelope and a twelve page invoice would be inserted into a flat envelope eliminating pre-sorting, manual set-up and hand stuffing envelopes. Two divert bins on the OMR and AutoMix models allow for increased throughput by diverting misreads to one bin and customer specific sets to the second bin without interrupting operation. The optional FD 6900-25 feeder allows for feeding and insertion of thin booklets and brochures. User Friendly Control Panel


Double-document detectors are located at the feeder and at the insertion area to ensure that no double documents are fed into the system. The 6900 Series utilizes electromechanical detectors which can operate with any print density, paper color, thickness or paper dust. Optional dual track OMR offers security by reading the same number of marks on each page, thereby virtually eliminating the chance of pages getting into the wrong envelope.

Formax 6900 Series Folder Inserter
Control Panel

Formax 690 Series Folder Inserter Control Panel 1Formax 690 Series Folder Inserter Control Panel 2

Formax 6900 Series
Folder Inserter Specifications

Speed:Up to 4,300/hr #10 envelopes
Up to 2,500/hr 9.5”x12” flat envelopes
Feed Hoppers:Up to 300 sheets 20# in FD690-30
Up to 500 sheets 20# in FD690-35 
Envelope Hopper:Up to 300 standard or up to 800 w/FD690-40
Paper Size:3.25”–20”Lx4”–9”W
Envelope Size:3.5”–13.5”Hx5.5”–10”W
Power:100-120 Volts (50/60Hz)
Duty Cycle:Up to 120,000 per month
1 Station 68”L,2 Station 88”L, 3 Station 108”L & 4 Station 128”L
1 Station 102”L, 2 Station 122”L, 3 Station 142”L & 4 Station 162”L


165lb.(2 Station)
Safety Certifications: UL

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Trademarks of FORMAX - A Division of Bescorp, Inc.
Dover, New Hampshire, USA