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Product Information

Continuous Form Check Signer: Formax FD100

Formax FD 556
Forms Merger


Formax FD556 Merger

The Imprinter Merger Model Formax FD 556 will imprint two signatures simultaneously while slitting and merging.

Formax FD 556 Mergers are independent units controlled by a photoelectric sensors. This unit will slit a two up form, merge the forms together running in tandem with a tractor feed burster.

Formax FD 556 Merger Standard Features:


Easy Loading: Level, flat loading area to allow for fast and accurate forms alignment.


Positive Tractor Feed: Precision tractor feeds ensure forms control for positive feed.


Convenient Controls: Jog, start, stop, variable speed control 0 to 500 feet per minute.

Formax FD556 Merger Example of FormSide-by-side, continuous forms are imprinted, slit, merged, burst and delivered in sequential order.

Formax FD 556 Merger Specifications:

Speed:0-420 feet/minute
Dimensions:30" W x 54" D x 39" H
Weight:140 lbs.
Voltage:(115 V 50/60 cycle, AC 5 amp max.)
Form Specifications:
Paper Weights
Form Width
10 lb. bond
2-3/4" (6 cm.)
140 lb. Card Stock
19-3/4" (50 cm.)


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