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Ameraseal™ AS 2200
Pressure Folder/Sealer




Ameraseal™ AS 2200 Pressure Folder/Sealer

PDF Brochure: Ameraseal™ AS2200 Folder/SealerThe Ameraseal™ 2200 Series High Volume Folder/Sealers are designed to seal the highest volume jobs with ease and dependability.

Ameraseal™ Folding and Sealing MachinesThe Ameraseal™ AS 2200 Series High Volume Folder/Sealers are designed to seal the highest volume jobs with ease and dependability. The 2200 Series offers fully automated settings to provide for quick and easy setup of different jobs. Sealing speeds of up to 40,000 pressure seal forms per hour sets the industry standard for speed and production capabilities. Three cut-sheet models are available in the Ameraseal™ AS2200 Series that offer different in-feed options: the Ameraseal™ AS 2200 utilizes an air-feed system with a capacity of up to 500 pressure seal forms, the Ameraseal™ AS 2200-EX offers an extended air-feed system to reach a capacity of up to 1,000 pressure seal forms and the AS 2250 utilizes a pile feed system to reach a total capacity of up to 3,500 loaded forms.

All three models produce fast and accurate folds to deliver a secure and time-effective finished product ready for the mail. The Ameraseal™ 2200 Series clearly sets the new standard for high volume processing needs.

Ameraseal™ AS2200
Standard Features:


Heavy Duty Construction -Designed for high volume production jobs.


Feed Systems - Air-feed, extended air-feed and pile feeder.


Variable Speed Control - up to 40,000 pressure seal forms per hour.


Automatic Settings - Up to 60 applications can be programmed for automatic adjustment.


Paper Sizes - Flexibility to seal up to 11.5" wide by 25" long pressure seal forms.


Counters - Six digit resettable counter and batch counter.


Fold Plates - 4 insulated fold plates for varying sequence options.


Fold Types - Folds "Z", uneven "Z", "C", half-folds and custom folds.


Conveyor w/Photo Eye - Adjustable 28" - 42" conveyor for neat and sequential stacking.


Fault Detector - Detects double feeding of pressure seal forms and any faults.


Combination Rollers - Steel & polyurethane rollers for durability.

AS 2200 Folder Sealer Specifications

Hopper Capacity: 
AS2200-500 Sheets 24# (90gsm)
AS2200EX-1,000 Sheets 24# (90gsm)
AS2250-3,500 Sheets 24# (90gsm)
Variable Speed:Up to 40,000 sheets per hour - based on 11" Z-fold (279mm)
Paper Size:Up to 11.5"W x 25"L (216mm W x 432mm L
Power:208V, three phase, 20 Amp **(Special 3 Phase Power Required)
Duty Cycle:Unlimited
Dimensions:152"L x 30"W x 56"H (138" L w/conveyor ext. closed)(117 L x 51 W x 112 H cm)
Weight:Approx. 1,200 lbs (45kg)
Delivery Requirements:Customer supplied automatic pallet jack or fork lift is required for installation and setup**
Certifications:UL applied for
The Ameraseal™ AS2200 Series can seal  a variety of forms up to 11.5" wide and 25" long including checks, invoices, school reports, tax forms, appointment notices, PIN mailers and a variety of direct marketing possibilities. In addition, the 2200 Series utilizes up to four fold plates to offer flexibility in both folding and in the output sequence of processed forms.

The Ameraseal™ AS-2200 seals forms at a rate of up to 40,000 pressure seal forms per hour and can hold between 500 to 3,500 forms depending on the model. The Ameraseal™ 2200 Series can seal even the highest volume jobs on a monthly basis.

The Pressure Seal Solution:
The Ameraseal™ AS2200 combined with a laser printer and pressure seal forms create the ultimate high-volume secure, time saving and efficient solution for paper processing.

Ease of Operation:
The Ameraseal™ AS2200 Series delivers state-of-the-art automated features to make job changes quick and accurate. A variety of different jobs can be programmed and stored in memory. Fold plate adjustments and other functions are completely automated for one-touch operation. 
Ameraseal  AS 2200 Pressure Seal Machine Control Panel

Ameraseal™ AS 2200 Control Panel

US Patents:
#5,772,841 - #5,865,925 - #5,968,308

Other Patents Pending

* Capacity of up to 3,500 non-windowed pressure seal forms. Forms with a traditional patch window are better suited for the AS2200 and AS2200-EX

**Three phase power is required as well as a customer supplied automated pallet jack or fork lift for installation.