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Product Information

Ameraseal™ AS 2052
Pressure Folder/Sealer

Ameraseal™ FD 2052 Pressure Folder/Sealer

Ameraseal™ FD 2052
shown with optional cabinet and conveyor.

PDF Brochure: Formax FD2052 Folder/SealerAmeraseal™ FD 2052 Pressure Folder/Sealers are fully automatic providing the ultimate solution for processing pressure sensitive mailers.

Ameraseal™ Folding and Sealing MachinesDesigned with ease of operation and efficiency in-mind, the Ameraseal™ FD 2052 automatically detects and adjusts for 11" and 14" paper sizes and is pre-programmed for three popular folds C, Z and half fold. The Ameraseal™ FD 2052 also has the ability to store up to 9 custom fold settings with the simple touch of a button. Up to 350 pressure seal forms can be loaded in the hopper and sealed at speeds up to 11,000 per hour. All these features make Ameraseal™ FD 2052 folder-sealers an ideal solution for streamlining your post processing.

Ameraseal™ FD2052
Standard Features:


Top Feed System: A "drop-in" three-roller system produces dependable feeding of forms.


Variable Speed Control: Up to 11,000 pieces per hour


Pre-programmed for 3 popular folds: Single half fold, letter C fold, and accordion Z fold.


Programmable Job Settings: Set and store up to 9 custom jobs.


Fault Detector: Detects double feeding and any faults.


Six Digit Resettable Counter: For maximum audit control.


Batch Counting: Allows for preset counts of documents to be processed


Noise Reduction: Top and side covers are insulated to reduce operating noise.

Ameraseal™ FD2052
Folder Sealer Specifications

Hopper Capacity:350 Sheets 24#
Variable Speed:Up to 11,000 sheets per hour
Paper Size:Up to 8 ½" x 17"
Power:120 Volts AC 50/60 HZ
Duty Cycle:125,000 per month
Dimensions:46" L x 20"w x 44"H (Includes Conveyor & Cabinet)
Weight:187 lbs.
Certifications:UL and CUL approved
CE applied for
The Ameraseal™ FD 2052 seals a variety of documents up to 81/2" x 17" including checks, invoices, school reports, tax forms and appointment notices. Pressure seal mailers can be used for virtually any application that can be printed on one page.

The Ameraseal™ FD 2052 seals forms at a rate of up to 11,000 sheets per hour and can hold up to 350 - 24# forms in the feed hopper. Combined with a duty cycle of up to 125 thousand forms per month the Ameraseal™ FD 2052 offers the ultimate solution to streamlining your paper processing.

The Pressure Seal Solution:
The Ameraseal™ FD 2052 combined with a simplex printer and pressure seal forms create a secure, cost effective and time saving paper processing solution.

Ease of Operation:
The Ameraseal™ FD 2052 sets a new standard in pressure seal ease-of-use. Folds for 11" and 14" forms are automatically set with the touch of a button. Up to nine custom folds can be stored into memory eliminating the need for manual set up of non-traditional pressure seal forms.

Ameraseal™ FD 2052 Control Panel
Ameraseal™ FD 2052 Pressure Seal Machine Control Panel
Ameraseal™ FD2052 Options:

Optional Conveyor with Photo Eye: Allows for neat and sequential stacking.


Optional Cabinet: Fully enclosed for storage

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