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AS 1500
Pressure Folder/Sealer

Ameraseal™ AS 1500 Pressure Folder/Sealer

PDF Brochure: Ameraseal™ AS 1500 Folder/SealerThe Ameraseal™ AS 1500 is a low volume folder/sealer solution for sealing one-piece pressure seal mailers.

Ameraseal™ Folding and Sealing MachinesBuilt with proven technology, Ameraseal™ AS 1500 pressure folder sealers provide an economical solution with the quality and reliability you have come to expect. The sleek office design and ease of operation makes this unit ideal for sealing forms in an office environment with low volume applications. A pressure sealing speed of up to 5,000 forms per hour enables operators to complete daily sealing jobs in minutes. The added capability of sealing 14" forms gives the Ameraseal™ AS 1500 the versatility needed to fold and seal virtually any low volume application to meet your needs.

The Ameraseal™ AS-1500 folds and seals pressure sensitive one-piece mailers with unmatched ease and dependability. An easy to use control panel and drop-in feed system allows for quick set-up. This folder/sealer is ideal for streamlining virtually any low volume pressure seal application.

Ameraseal™ AS1500
Standard Features:


Drop-In Feed System


Desktop Design: A sleek desktop
design made with departmental
usage in mind.


14" Form Length


L.E.D Indicator


Static Eliminator

Ameraseal™ AS1500
Folder Sealer Specifications

Hopper Capacity:100 Sheets 24#
Fixed Speed:85 sheets per minute
Paper Size:Up to 8½" x 14"
Power:120 Volts AC 50/60 HZ.
Duty Cycle:4,000 per week
Dimensions:24"L x 17"W x 13"H


82 lbs.

The Ameraseal™ AS1500 handles a variety of forms up to 8 ½" x 12" including checks, invoices, school reports, tax forms and appointment notices. Pressure seal mailers can be used for virtually any application that can be printed on one page.

The Ameraseal™ AS-1500 seals forms at a rate of up to 7,000 sheets per hour and can hold up to 100 - 24# forms in the feed hopper. Combined with a duty cycle of up to 25,000 forms per month the Ameraseal™ AS1500 offers an economical and reliable solution for departmental post processing.

The Pressure Seal Solution:
The Ameraseal™ AS1500 combined with a simplex printer and pressure seal forms create a secure, time saving and efficient solution for paper processing.

Ease of Operation:
The Ameraseal™ AS1500 is set up for user friendly operation. Simply set your folds according to the clearly marked settings on the fold plates, load your forms, press start and your on your way. The Ameraseal™ AS 1500 has indicators for power on, paper out and cover open for operator convenience.

Ameraseal™ AS 1500 Control Panel

Ameraseal  AS 1500 Pressure Seal Machine Control Panel

Ameraseal™ AS1500 Folder Sealer Options:

6-Digit Counter


Extended Fold Plate for Uneven "C" folds






AS400 Jogger

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